There are lots of various types of drums each used for different functions such as ceremonies, entertaining and communicating.

Regardless of the use of a drum, they have been influential in several cultures and have had an important role to play for many centuries.

Today we think of drums as an instrument that provides a beat in a song, this is because it is the drum that gives music its timing. It can be created out of almost anything since all that’s needed is a rhythmic beat which can be got by banging a stick against a table, wall or on any object around.

This makes drums a percussive instrument – one that makes sound by being struck or scrapped by a beater.

Stretching a membrane over an opening that is usually circular in shape makes drums. This stretched membrane, known as the head, is where the sound comes from when it is hit with a stick.

A drum head can be produced with animal skin such as goat, antelope, cow, sheep or from synthetic material that produces the same sound effects of animal skin.

All drums produce sound; however they do not all produce the same type of sound. Different types of drums produce different sounds.

Types of drums

There are 3 broad categories for drums, acoustic, electric and world drums.

Acoustic drums

These are the drums you see in a standard set. It comprises of the bass, snare and tom drums.

The base drum is the foundation of the beat and gives music its timing (rhythm). The tom help make a beat sound fuller by rounding off the beat and the snare produces a sound that cuts through every other piece of kit.

Electric drum

These types of drums imitate the sound made by acoustic drums, but are in fact pads designed to produce the desired sound.

Also included in this category would be drums on computers.

World drums

Virtually each continent has a drum that is specific to them.

Africa has Ashiko, a hand drum that is like a cut off cone, it also has the Conga,Djeme, Djun, Djun amongst others.

Asia has Hudak, Khamak, Dhol. In Europe there is the Bodhran and Tabor. Places like Cuba have the Bongos and Boku, while other South American countries have Cuica, Cajon and Surdo to name a few.

Types of drums found in North America are the Water and Pow wow drums, while the middle east has Deff, Nagada, Bendir.

The drums naked above are a few that are attributed to each area around the world.

Playing the drum

Playing the drum is loud and takes a lot of energy. Its not uncommon to see drummers in bands sweat a lot as it’s a physically demanding instrument to play.

This is why drummers have to remain fit and can do with using a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate like that review at topwheyprotienisoleate after a session to help maintain their lean muscle and reduce body fat.
As well as being in good physical shape, drummers need to be excellent timing as they are the timekeepers in a group due to the rhythmic nature of the instrument.