Piano – A Beautiful work of Art!

*sings* Sing us a song of a piano man…..sing us a song tonight!  One can’t help but love that song right?  In all seriousness though, the piano is such a beautiful instrument!  Whether you’re at a local bar, a Five-Star hotel, a college union, you’ll many times see a public piano for both display and for the public to play!  I truly believe this is because we, as a human race, truly enjoy the beauty that the piano brings to our environment.

For those of you that don’t know, the piano is a fairly large instrument that takes up a lot of space.  It consists of a large soundboard made of wood.  Inside the soundboard there are metal strings which connect to a keyboard consisting of 52 white keys and 36 smaller black keys.  Pianos are very heavy and whenever one must move a piano, they typically hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting!  Because of the sheer size and weight of pianos, many piano players stick to electronic keyboards.  Not only are they significantly lighter, but are much cheaper in most cases.

piano pic

The piano is one of the most gorgeous instruments out there!  I really can’t say that enough.  If you can learn how to play the piano, you’ll entertain audiences on countless occasions!  If you’re single and looking for a way to score a date, learning the piano might be a way to BOOST your sex appeal!  C’mon, who says you need to work out, diet, and have a solid 6-pack to attract the opposite sex?

Famed artist Billy Joel had an entire album and a hit single called “Piano Man.”  Back in 2002 there was a movie released that won numerous awards called “The Pianist.”  The movie starred Adrien Brody and really helped catalpult Brody’s success.  The movie was based off an autobiography of a pianist from World War 2.  Outside of Billy Joel and Adrien Brody, there are so many examples of artistic works that are inspired from the piano.


If you’re interested in learning the piano, there are a lot of resources out there, especially on YouTube.  Feel free to check out the video and YouTube channel below.  Hope this helps in introducing you to the wonderful world of the piano!


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